September 12, 2012

Day 74 - Supernova Scotia

I was up early only to be approached by the fellow tending to the grounds around walmart and told the owner doesn't like people camping on the property. I was leaving anyways so boo to the walmart manager in  Charlottetown. Your damn store doesn't even carry milk, whats up with that?! Anyways, I got back onto the TCH and promptly left town. I collected a bit of the famous red soil found everywhere in P.E.I. and enjoyed the nice view of the ocean and distant Nova Scotia to the south. I spotted a few large birds which I believe were Great Blue Heron's and some of the goofy little suicide caterpillars I've seen all across Canada that love to cross roads.

I arrived at the ferry terminal at 1:20 just missing the 1:00 ferry so I had to wait around until 2:45. It was a nice time to relax and dry my tent as well as have the usual "where are you going, where did you start" conversation I've become accustomed to. Peoples reactions have always been funny. Back west when I told them I started in Tofino it wasn't too shocking but when they fond out I was going to Cape Spear their reactions were the same as it is now when I told them I started in Tofino. It feels like it was 5 years ago since I was in BC... time is funny like that on the road.

The ferry was $20 which included the transport I had to take across the bridge. They are clever in that you only pay to leave the island. I spotted a few seals along the way but no whales despite the captain announcing a few had been spotted somewhere ahead. On the other side I walked off my 4th ferry ride and set foot on Nova Scotia! I headed south on the 106 to get to 104 to continue east, but took a wrong turn on a giant roundabout and ended up in Pictou where they had an awesome fighter jet on display.

I eventually made it down to 104 and continued on east over the beautiful hilly countryside, snagging a small bit of metal in my front tire for a quick flat that was easy enough to fix. Those small little metal slivers have been the only things slowing me down this entire tour. A bit of scattered construction and some hills were my only obstacles as night came and I covered the remaining 60 km to my friends moms house in Antigonish where I would be staying for the night. Upon arrival I was treated to beer and lasagna and a nice soft bed for the night. What more can a wandering hobo adventurer ask for?